How to detect the writer of the dvd?



I’m looking for a way to detect the writer which was used to write a dvd, a name or a serial number would suffice.
I’m going to use it in my program so I should be able to read it programmatically (from command line or similar ways).

first of all, is it even possible to read this kind of info from a dvd ?
second, do you know any program that can extract this info from a dvd ?

thanks in advance :flower:


I can’t tell you the specifics, but most drives (the majority) write info to the DVD-R formats, useful enough for identification (though it might only give you an internal name that doesn’t match up with the model used to market the drive).

Comparatively, very few drives can or do write the same information on DVD+R formats, and if they do, it’s often less useful for ID.

There are a number of apps that will show you this basic info if available. Nero CD-DVD Speed can get it, ImgBurn can get it, and I think DVDInfoPro can do it. OptiDriveControl might be able to show the info, but I can’t fully remember. So the command exists to retrieve the info.


thank you very much Albert.

I tested the applications you mentioned above and some other that I found during my searches. but only “Nero DiscSpeed” and “ImgBurn” could retrieve what I wanted.

Unfortunately Nero is completely GUI based and although ImgBurn could give me the info with command line it also shows a splash screen at first and then opens the main window. even if I close the window with other commands it still needs to be visible during the process of extracting information. I tried to run it programmatically with hidden status but it didn’t work.

So now I have three options :
1- finding another free app that could work with command line
2- hiding ImgBurn’s screen during the process
3- finding a way to retrieve the disc information myself

Can anyone help me with any of them ? any suggestion is appreciated
thanks a lot


Although LIGHTNING UK! reads posts on this forum he might miss yours.
I suggest you contact him. Maybe he can tell you how to use this with no splash screen.