How to detect reason for "burn failed"?



Using the “file system container” feature of nero SDK 1.05 I got different results with my test program on different computers. On the first computer with an AOpen CD writer bundled with NeroExpress 5.5 everything runs very well. The other computer has a Teac DW-552G combo drive and an OEM version of Nero On this one initialisation and so on run without any error, but when it comes to NeroBurn, the function returns NEROAPI_BURN_FAILED and it seems, that NeroAPI has not accessed the drive.
With the Nero dialog I can write to the drive of course.

Has anyone an idea, how to obtain more information about what has happened or what could be the reason?


maybe ,some callback funcation you have not catch;
you can detect the reason in the userdig() funcation;


I thought in this direction too - but the function I supplied to Nero via the NERO_SETTINGS is never called! So are there any other possibilities?
Could it be, that the target operating system (W2k in both cases, but the first, positivly tested one is a server variant) or the development environment (only the server has MS VC++ 6 installed) play a roll?


If NeroBurn fails without even starting burning, the most probable cause of the error is in the fact that the parameters passed are somehow invalid. Could you please inspect the error log in order to find some more details? It is a very specific case and it is hard to say anything without more information or a code sample.