How to detect if drive can read\write DVD+R DL


I’ve looked at the MMC drafts, but I didn’t find the solution of my problem :
How can I detect if a drive can read\write DVD+R DL (dual layer) ?

I don’t find these informations using the :

  • Get Configuration (46h)
  • read dvd structure (ADh)

Should I insert a media in the drive, to obtain this information, or does the drive give me this one without having a media?

Thanks in advance for your help.

This has not yet been merged to the official MMC specs but DVD+R-DL feature
is seen with GET_CONFIGURATION with feature code 3Bh. Its format is same as
DVD+R 2Bh.

Thanks for your answer spath.
Do you know where I could download usefull documentations\drafts about the latest commands?

I don’t know if there are other not yet referenced commands.
I’m currently workink with MMC4r03a draft, and MMC5 isn’t yet released.

Do you know other site, forums, where I could find specific documentations about DVD writer commands, behavior to exchange questions and source.


AFAIK all that is public is on T10 site, I’m afraid for the rest only manufacturers
and some developers have the infos. If you’re looking for proprietary commands
you can try to contact the kprobe, cdspeed, etc authors.