How to detect DVD+R DL read/write capability without reading the media?




I cannot find any information on the latest MMC document on detecting whether a drive is capable of reading and writing DVD+R DL media. I’ve been using the Mechanical status page (Code page 2Ah) to detect the read/write capability of CD/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-R/DVD-RAM, feature code (0x 2Ah) for DVD+RW, (0x 2Bh) for DVD+R, and (0x 2Fh) for DVD-RW. Is there a feature code for DVD+R dual layer drive that I missed?



Nero Info Tool


Thanks for the tool, but I would like to programmatically get that information. I am able to identify the drive read/write capability for all medias except for dual layer drives. Anyone knows if there’s a feature code or code page I should use to detect dual layer capabilites?



our search engine is your friend :


Thanks again Spath!

Found the documentation in MMC5. I was using MMC4… no wonder I didn’t find it.