How to destroy data in one-session cd?

Is there anyway to destroy data in a cd without visible traces?
I have done it before with a multisession disc but with a single session disc, i couldn’t

Not sure what you mean by destroy data in a cd? If you mean to destroy the info in the session but still be able to use the cd I am not sure how but if you just want to destroy the cd so no one can ever read what is on then burn it or you can put it in a microwave for about 2 seconds but do not smell the what comes out of the microwave I am sure it would not be good for your health. Also do not leave in there longer unless you have good fire insurance.

well, i just want to destroy the data inside the cd but the cd still look like no thing wrong with it.
What i do is i buy a music cd in store and copy it, then i want to damage the music inside so i can get back my money and buy another one.
It’s quite a dirty trick to save money. But…

I’m definitely not going to help you do that.

Besides, your plan won’t work anyway. Stores only allow you to return a CD for another copy of the same CD.

Buy music, or don’t buy music.

@ robert_pham,

I suggest that you review the Forum Rules ( that you agreed upon when you became a Forum Member.

The Forum does not condone nor promote any illegal activities. You are asking fellow Forum Members to assist you in committing fraud.

Shame you!

This is way out of line. I am surprised the administrator of the forum has not shutdown your account. I thought that CDfreaks did a great job in outlining what is allowed and what is not.

Instead of trying to rip off you local retailer how about looking into used cd’s. There are a lot of stores that offer used cd’s for a fraction of the cost.

What will people ask how to do next :bigsmile: :doh:

This has got to be Hall Of Fame material :doh:

Off with his head! Ban for Life!!! :o :o :o :cop: :cop: :cop:

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dude it wont work, they will onli allow you to purchase a new copy of the cd…

just use torrents or p2ps to meet ur needs…saves u money all round…