How to destroy a DVD without scratching it

this is a bit related to an earlier thread, but since its slightly different i open a new thread instead. i hope the moderator will allow this as it is not illegal.

I want a simple way to destroy data in a DVD without scratching it. Someone suggest putting it in a microwave, i tried that but it leaves evidence like burning mark.

The reason is I am angry with my friends who is copying my anime DVDs and scratching it and I want revenge. I want to make it look like he burnt it wrongly or something.

Thanks in advance.

@ sorcerer,

Now one in this forum is going to proved any information to you or anyone else to perform dubious acts.

Providing this type of information could be used to defraud legitimate retailers.

As you make reference to a similar Forum posting concerning an attempt to commit fraud you postings also has the implications of attempting to perform a fraudulent act.

Because of the possibility of this posting being in violation of Forum rules it is being reported to a Forum Moderator.

Please close this thread instead. I do not have any power to do that.