How to delete this worm !?

guys relax i swear am gonna do what u want hehehe.

ok guys i was already disable the System restore… now i tried to access the System Volume information folder but i can’t it gives me this massege :

C:\System Volume Information is not accessible.
Access is denied

i tried to access in safe mode also i am the admin but i still can’t …

what i relized now is the worm is gone it’s only available on the registery.

so what to do now ?

Mender ,

the last two sites doesn’t work with me !

i checked the msconfig for start up and every thing was normal as i know

ok system volume information can’t be written to by anything but system restore. You will have to do what i did to get into it right click and share it or do what was in the links a few posts up(but its not recommended). You don’t need to go in there anyway , if you turned restore off then the folder is empty.
I suggest you run your virus scanner again to rid the left overs from your system. Once the virus is completely gone you can turn system restore on again if you like, personally I have mine off as it wastes too much space when it’s on.

Most likely your worm uses some functionality when you remove the worm it is automatically downloaded again. Try to get rid of this spyware/worm with: HitmanPro.

ok thank u i will try it …

sorry to tell u guys that it’s still didn’t work i have done all the tips …

i am still facing the reg problem the strange thing is when ever i am not on the PC the worning will come but i am 10 hours on the chair it wont come !!

i will try to email McAfee and see or better to reformat my PC hehe.

have you updated your system to ensure that it wont hit you again?

mcaffee dude get yourself a real scanner. AVG or NOD32

yah man i am 100% sure about updating every thing SP2 latest update …

any way thanks guys …

thank u Slayerking i will try ur software …

but is McAfee that bad !!!

ok what about firewall what do u suggest ?

Use the ewido trojan/scumware scanner, set it to scan everything and let it scan. Then install Winpatrol and see if it gives you a warning. System restore will only reinstall malware if you reboot or install a driver that requires backup.

Also, look on the Windows site for a topic about the jpeg malware/trojan. Use their advice about securing your computer if it needs it.

thank u all guys …

after updating the latest upgrade for McAfee it was relese yestrday every thing is gone … i am clean now …

next time you get a virus, try getting a stinger for it. just google the name of it and get the proper removal tool. those are designed specifically for the virus and will mostlikely wipe it out.