How? to Delete AutoStrategy Database

I have PTP 2.17 and a 716A. How/where do you go to delete the AS DB. I searched the forum and one posting said it is in 'Drive Settings>advanced tab.

But I only see 10 boxes, six of them are checked. the box: ‘disable autostategy’ is NOT checked.

I don’t see anything about deleting the DB.

Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards

It is probably not a good idea to delete the A/S data base and I know that the majority of people are running Plextools 2.21. As 2.17 is a bit different you can download version 2.21 at the plextor web site and install and if you wish to proceed deleting the A/S data base, go to drive settings/advanced and click on A/S Data Base and it will give you an option to highlight and delete.

Drive Settings - Advance - there’s a button “AutoStrategy Database”. Click that, and Delete. If there’s no entry then you can’t delete.

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Thank you for your replies. Apparently with PTP 2.17 there is no option to delete the DB. There is no buton to delete. So when flashing to FW 1.06 I don’t have to delete the DB?

Thanks Again

No. You can just go ahead and Flash to 1.06. :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks again