How to delete annoying fanfare at start of movie?

Hi again!

Thanks to the advice I’ve received here I’m now using DVD Shrink and have succeeded in backing up a couple of my DVDs of European movies from the 50s. Let me say “Thank you” to all of you who have been so helpful and patient in getting me started on this project.

Now I want to tackle my DVD of “Wild Strawberries.” With DVD Shrink in reauthoring mode, I’m able to drag just the movie over to the left hand pane, and leave behind the long tedious documentary that takes up half the disk.

Doing that doubles the quality of the copy so I get a 100% instead of fifty something percent quality in the back-up. And I don’t have to suffer through that annoying menu. Now when I put my back-up copy in my DVD player, the movie automatically starts. So I’m really pleased with my results so far.

There’s only one other thing I’d like to be able to do, and that would be to cut out the annoying digitally animated color Svensk Film logo accompanied by a blaring brass and drum fanfare that’s been inserted at the opening of the film. That logo and fanfare weren’t on the film when I first saw it back in 1961. The film I saw back then just had a static, silent , black and white Janus Films logo that faded to black and then the movie began.

But now, between the Janus logo and the first shot of the film, they’ve inserted this garish color animated logo with the loud fanfare that spoils the mood of the opening.

Is there software that would allow me to cut out these annoying few seconds and restore my copy to the way the film was originally presented in art houses back when I first saw it?

You can use the Trim function in Shrink.

[QUOTE=MysticEyes;2214352]You can use the Trim function in Shrink.[/QUOTE]


Click Set Start/End Frames

[QUOTE=MysticEyes;2214352]You can use the Trim function in Shrink.[/QUOTE]

Is “the Trim function” the same as the “Click Set Start/End Frames” that Troy512 suggested in a subsequent message?


[QUOTE=troy512;2214417]Click Set Start/End Frames[/QUOTE]

Thanks! That did the trick! The annoying fanfare is now history!

But now I’ve got two files, a very short one with the Janus logo followed by a really long one with the entire movie on it.

And when I put the DVD into my player, those two files do play in the proper order, but when the player switches from the first file to the second file, a little a distracting yellow symbol pops up on the upper left corner of the screen.

The symbol consists of a circle with two backward letter "C"s to the right of it. It looks like it may be a representation of three overlapping disks.

So, now I’d like to be able to merge the two files into a single file so as to eliminate that distracting yellow symbol.

In another recent thread here in the Newbie Forum I found a reference to VOBMerge. Would that be the right tool to use to join the two files into a single seamless file?

I also am having problems with the subtitles and audio tracks, but I’ll start a new thread for those questions.

Thanks for all the help so far!

[QUOTE=Clueless in Seattle;2214969]Is “the Trim function” the same as the “Click Set Start/End Frames” that Troy512 suggested in a subsequent message?[/QUOTE]