How to delete a a folder in side the programe files of a system

thanks a lot 4 ur response to my request about disk defragmentation i really appreciate ur effort. pls i have a little challenge i installed a Vmware software on my PC which i was using to run linux on my windows xp which is the host OS. but after the linux had problem i had to uninstall the Vmware from the control panel ie through the add/ remove programmes, but after uninstallin the Vmware it still left its files inside the programme files on my computer ie in the harddisk (local C) . but when i tried deleting this Vmware folder from the programme files i was not able to delete it. pls can u tell me how to completely remove or delete a folder from the Programme folder the harddisk (localdrive C). because of this i found it difficult trying to install the Vmware software all over again it was giving me acomplain that the Vmware workstation already exist on my system. pls i need your help. THANKS A LOT 4rm KOLADE

It’s probably a permissions problem.So if you can take control you probably can delete the files of folders.
You might also try a software Unlocker.
Rename the files or folders with Unlocker . Example: Problem file .exe to Problem file.old.
Then reboot the file will be renamed & should delete.

To answer the PM as best as I can.
The Unlocker program is freeware available at this link:
After installing Unlocker it should be available with a right click on the folder or file.
You can try Unlocker’s Delete function first.
Then Reboot.
Check To see if the folder or file is still in the Program Files folder.
If it is gone .Reboot & check again.
If after the second Reboot it is still gone Its probably permanantly gone.
If the folder or file doesn’t come back then your done.
If its back then try Unlocker’s Rename function.
Change the folder name to Foldernameold Or for a file to filename.old.
Then Reboot.
Either the folder or file will be gone or it will now be Foldernameold or filename.old .
You should be able to Delete those .
Give that a try first.
Setting permissions takes a lot more explaining.It depends on the OS & whether you are the Administrator or one of the Administrator group.