How to define "bad media"

I have a set of disks (see below) that have great scans, but are rated as “garbage” on many media review sites.

So, my question is: what makes media “bad”, if the scans are great?


OPTODISC 4x DVD+R disks (media code OPTODISCOR4) burned on NEC 3520. After I got them, I found that these +R disks have terrible reviews on (“4TH CLASS MEDIA: Pathetic garbage media, landfill material, about 0-50% success rate”).

I made some scans and got great CDSpeed Quality Scan results (PI max = 17 / PIF max = 6). Link to scan image

Based on the link you posted, DAXON is also considered 4th class media but so far, I’ve been having great burns with the BenQ 4X DVD+R (DAXONAZ1) on my Lite-on LDW-411S and LG GSA-4163B. Here’s a quality scan of one burned with the LG:

I’ve used this media mostly on my Lite-on and I’ve been getting good scans.

i’ve seen many ppl posting links to that digitalfaq page, it’s outdated and errornous! too many errors on it for me to bother, don’t pay too close attention too it.

My personal requirements for a good disc: fair PI/PF levels <40,<1 avg (from my dvdrom scans), good read back speeds on my dvd-roms and my speed unlocked lite-on 166s, and the bigger test is longevity.

“bad media” == Princo :smiley:

info+smart=crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Imo good media is compatible with any burner and easily readable in standalones and dvdr(rom) drives no matter what burner used to make the disc. Decent media is almost as good as good media. Good/decent media doesn’t cause as much money/heartache as medium and bad media :wink:

It’s neither outdated nor erroneous.

While it is inevitable that somebody will have a good experience with bad media, it will not last the test of time (repeat business), nor will many others share in the unusually good experience. Solely relying on PI/PO tests is also a mistake.

bad media is anything that doesnt burn well on ur dvd burner

some drives like certain media is the case


i have a drive that burns good on crap, then i have a drive that doesnt with the same media

there is tho some media that sucks all around tho

Hey smurf. Good advice as always. Long time no see.

I’ve asked the same thing on my post about AML’s.

I recently caved in and went straight to Maxells and TDK’s.

The first coaster I got was with a Maxell. The AML’s have been great. 30 w/o a problem.

This was only my 4th Maxell and I got crap.

Yeah, but was that “Maxell” a MXL, RICOH, RITEK, YUDEN or TY.
If a RITEK, I’d not be shocked in the slightest.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. There are a few people out there who post decent scans with Princo but I don’t think there is a single person here would call it great or decent media given their overall track record.

I don’t agree with many of the ratings on that site.

This one is probably one of the most unrealistic ratings IMO.

Pathetic garbage media, landfill material, about 0-50% success rate:
CMC, CMCMAG = CMC Magnetics (Taiwan) = (-R)

CMCMAGAE1 has been quite good around the board and initial tests with CMCMAGAM3 (16x certified) are pretty good!
I’ve dealt and tested with MANY types and brands of this stuff…
Generally it is decent media. Yes there are some lower grade supplies floating around, but the majority should be decent to good quality. :slight_smile:

CMC MAG M01 16x dvd+r also works well for me in my NEC 3500

the longevity of the dye should also be considered in rating of media

CMC MAG AE1 is a very hit-or-miss dye/code/disc. One must also remember the world of media is larger than your one city or country. This disc is used all over the world, and none of it is “fake” or “sub grade” or “bad batches” (those last two are oft-overused excuses for faulty products). It’s just not very reliable. Not even close. This is but one of many CMC DVD discs to have this same problem. The same can be said for CMC CD-R as well.

I dissagree, i believe it’s both.

They list the following discs lower than or same as princo, which is wrong:
GSC00x (gigastorage, which they don’t even list this manufacturer name)

Discs listed possibly too high compared to other discs listed lower:

They don’t list 16x media. They don’t distinguish between some generations of MID’s which can be VERY significant e.g. CMC MAG AF1 vs AE1.

Maybe this is just a matter of opinion, but i definitely wouldn’t recommend trusting that chart too closely.