How to defeat StarForce for 20€

Hello all,
this is how I defeated StarForce.
As you know, the current StarForce releases check you IDE channels for Optical drives and refuse to launch from SCSI/DT if one is detected.
However there is an easy and cheap solution to this problem:

  • get an extra IDE controller that is compatible with ATAPI drives
  • plug all your optical drives in there
  • launch the image via daemon tools v4

The best thing is: you don’t need to disable anything! You ONLY need daemon tools, that’s it. No channel disabling, no cable disconnecting.

I recommend an ATA133 raid controller using SI0680A because it will still have some potential use if there’s another method around Starforce. Plus those babys are just 20€ shipped.
Here’s a list of eBay auctions for those cards:

They are cheap everywhere and it really is the best solution I’ve seen so far.