How to decrypt copy protected music cds?

Hello Folks
I’m new here and was wondering if any one knows how to decrypt
music cds? I’m sure this has been asked many times before. Those recording companies are something else you buy the cd but then you can only listen to it.Your not able transfer files off your computer to an ipod or ipod cell phone ect,ect. So I’m here hoping some folks that are in the know can help me out please. Thank You

Welcome kmc63,

I splitted your post from this thread so you’ll get quicker and more help as the thread is not for problems with audio cds.

What can be read can also be copied…

Copy protected audio cds usually can be ripped with either cdex or Exact Audio Copy. If you have trouble though then try CloneCD using the Audio CD profile.

As far as i know, CDex and Exact Audio Copy cannot decrypt an audio CD. You will need to run AnyDVD in the background, then rip your audio CD using a program such as Exact Audio Copy or CDex.

I would disable the autoplay from every drive as well.