How to deal with iPhone Contacts when changing mobile phone?



Changing iPhone is a common phenomenon in our life. The reason may be the previous phone is broken or you just want to experience the new generation of iPhone.Â

Before throwing your old phone,you must consider one thing: how to deal with the existing data, especially the Contacts in your phone?Â

Here we have opened a thread to solicit all the ideas about how did you handle the contacts in your previous phone.:flower:


For most iPhone users, Contacts may be the most important data they do not want to lose when changing their iPhone. If you only want to import your previous iPhone Contacts to your new iOS device, here we introduce an easy way to transfer your previous iPhone Contacts to your new device, just follow below steps to make it possible.

Tools you need: iTunes, iFonebox

When you planning make changes of your iPhone, please first make backup of your device in iTunes. Then you could use iFonebox to finish this Contacts transfer with few mouse clicks.
Choose the right edition you need:

[B]Step 1: Run iFonebox and choose iTunes Backup[/B]

Install iFonebox and launch it, choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as the recovery mode and pick out the backup that included the Contacts you need, click “Start Scan” to begin the scanning of your iTunes backup file.

[B]Step 2: Transfer Contacts to new device[/B]

After the scanning, all the data in your iTunes backup will be displayed in the interface of the software, click “Contacts” to preview all the contacts in your backup. Then you could choose these Contacts which is necessary for your new device, click “Transfer all selected to device” and you are able to preview these Contacts in your new device when the recovery is finished.


Hi Everyone, I am considering to change my cell phone. I have an apple5s now. It does not seem working well. So I want to buy a new cell phone. I have not enough money to buy Iphone6,so I thougth I can buy a latest Sumsung cell phone. But I do not know how I can move my contacts in the apple5s to another cell phone. Can you help me?