How to de-region a DMR-ES15 (UK ver)

Hi all. Apols if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it.

I have just got a DMR-ES15 (UK version) free with my plasma. It is OK but I want to de-region it. Not too fussed about copy protection as it is not my intent to copy them.

There are lots of places selling these de-regioned by my lot didn’t. Does anybody out there know how it can be done on this model?

Is it code or chip?

If a code, will any kind soul give it to me?

If chip does anybody know where I acn get one?

Many regards. ernie_kay

Just bought a Panasonic DMR-ES20DEB and the only way to make it multi-region is to use a specialised hand held unit (you aim it at the IR sensor and it sends the new coding to the system). I got mine from and he provides a fantastic service. Not sure if your model is covered - worth a check on the site though.

Thanks Colmax. I’ll try them.

For all who are interested. This model cannot be remote hacked or code hacked. It must be de regioned by being chipped. This info is direct from Pannasonic and they were happy to discuss it so I have no reason to believe them to be lying. Thanks for the help though.