How to cut wmv files to custom size?

I have hundreds of wmv video files ranging in length from 15 to 45 min(size 20-100mb). What program or method do I use to cut sections out (say I want 30 seconds out of the middle of one file) and save as a new file. So I can send it as an email attachment to my wife. Are there free programs that I can do this with? I am a truck driver and on the road with my laptop now, so I dont have access to all the software I have at home. Something I can download from the internet would be helpful. Thanks, Mike.

Windows media file editor

you can use #1 video converter, soft and key in the link below

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The tool you need and how to use it is described here:

How to remove all commercial blocks from AVI,WMV fast

AsfBin can cut wmv files without reencoding even on non-keyframe position:

It is a command line application. A GUI for asfbin is Cut Assistant: