How To Cut Part Of A Video - Pinnacle Studio Hlp Pls

Hello everyone,

Tried this question in the “video authoring” forum but got no answer.

You might consider this question stupid, but been trying to cut away the final part of a video (MPEG2) (captured from VHS with ATI MMC 9.03) with Pinnacle Studio 8 to no avail.
Tried searching the forums - nothing
Tried the supplied help - tutorials - did not get 'em
The problem is that the actual video lasts 1 hour and set the record to last that long, but it didn’t stop so now I have a 1:30min long video with 30 min blank at the end.

If anyone can help me here would be greatly appreciated :bow:



If it’s just an MPEG-2, you could cut out the blank part by using:

  1. Womble MPEG Video Wizard.
  2. TMPGEnc Xpress 3.
  3. TMPGenc MPEG editor
  4. Another cutting program.
  5. Try using the “in” and “out” points in Studio. Set “in” at the beginning of the black part and “out” at the end of the MPEG. Then cut.

For discussion forums related specifically to Studio 8, go here:

Thx for your help Rob,

Any more suggestions welcome,as I like to avoid buying another program. I will give Studio another try though . . . :bow: :bow:

As Rob states, usually in any video editing program there is a video preview window. At the bottom of the window is a sliding bar that keeps track of the clip you are playing. On the sides are usually something like a smaller bar or stop, that are called “mark in” and “mark out” or something like that. You would simply have to set the mark out to the last frame you want viewed, I believe you could also in the timeline, or storyboard at the bottom of the window you could right click in the last frame you want played and it might give you the option to end clip here, or set mark out here. Either way, this is one of the most basic parts of any video editing program, and would surely be available inside the help files associated with Studio. I had Studio 8 installed over a year ago, but I don’t remember the exact steps. I hope this helps, and good luck.

after you have inserted a clip in to the timeline double click on it in the timeline and a new window pops with with the same clip in it. It has sliders left and right. Move these to where you want the clip to start and finesh and then close this window. Go back to the timeline and play it and you will see that the clip starts from where you set it and ends where you set it

Thx Pacmac, Asid, will give it a try later today, right now @work.
Let you guys know later . . .:iagree: