How to cut a video into more than 2 sections

hello everyone my name is ant, I am a web developer and I am 24.

I have recently bought nero with vision 4 and Im trying to cut an avi file into sections. I can cut a file into 2 parts but need to cut more sections.

Anyone know a way?


Windows movie maker?

It saves as a wmf and I need avi or mpeg.

If your original movie is in avi, you can use virtualdub: it’s free and you can do all cuts you want saving the remaining avi without reencoding it (aka you can save resulting file in a matter of minuts or seconds) using the “direct streaming” mode.

You can find virtualdub here

the link for downloading the stable version isnt working can you send me it or is there any other software?

I finally downloaded virtualdub and I imported an mpeg which was 250mb it was about 24 min long. I wanted to save a 8 min section and went to save as avi thinking that the file size would be around 100mb and it turned out to be 3.15gb how is this? what have I done wrong?

You exported to an uncompressed avi. Video -> Compression and select a codec. You probably won’t want uncompressed audio either, so Audio -> Compression as well.

But furthermore, VirtualDub isn’t meant for cutting mpeg. If you cut an AVI, you can export the cut with no quality loss. MPEG, you have to reencode. For lossless cutting of MPEG, I recommend an app called myFlix.

Enter stage left .avi from movie maker

With AviToolbox from KC Software you can a AVI file into as may sections as you want and it stays the same size.

Use VIRTUAL DUB, nothing else.

If he hasn’t used Virtual Dub before is hardly a walk in the park

Why did I post a link with docs??