How to customize PXscan

I wanna customize my pxview to acheive the same outlook as i saw from other member’s post. How should i customize it?
The photo i attached is what i see from my verson of view, (1.11.3), how can i add additional comment like disc manufacturer and scan disc?
Thx for reply :bow: :bow:

You can type your own comments (MID, scan date, favourite hockey team) in the box just above where the numeric PIE and PIF values are.

Check the box at the bottom that says “Capture” and click “Save”, and don’t forget to choose type “.png”.

That’s it!

PS. Nice burn.

I usually uncheck “Logarithmic” so it will be comparable visually to a PlexTools scan, leave “Lines” checked, tweak the scales to perfection, then hit the “Save” button and switch the format from .pxd to .png.

(Just a nitpick: The “Capture” button is checked so the program will get output from PxScan as it runs in your DOS box in realtime. It doesn’t have anything to do with saving. So it doesn’t help or hurt anything either way.)

Ooops, you are correct! I like to watch the graph build in real-time and transferred that personal preference to my answer above.

Me too, I ticked it once and it stayed that way. I’d recommend activating that so you can enjoy watching the scan instead of reading it.

You know that you can change the default settings in the config.ini file? :wink: