"How to customize menu FULL" question

I am trying to make my own menu for remake pro instead of the Disk1, Disk2, Disk3. I want it to have a disney christmas background with three buttons that show which dvd’s are in each button.
Disk1 has 4 dvd’s
Disk2 has 4 dvd’s
Disk3 has 2 dvd’s

Instead of showing Disk1 I want it to have a list of the dvd’s on Disk1, and same on the other two. Also have a background I have chosen.

I can make the background show up on remake pro, but I cant get the three buttons with the dvd names.
So how do I add buttons and how do I edit those buttons to show what I want?? Also is there anyway to add music to my main page with the 3 buttons to choose from, maybe some christmas music that I can insert??


Ok I ended up exporting the buttons from the remake background and then importing them onto my disney background, but now they do not have names at all just boxes.

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