How to crossflash Pioneer DVR-112D to 112L?



If someone could help giving step-by-step tutorial to crossflash the Pioneer DVR-112D to 112L.
I’m trying to search for it, but can’t find. I’ve the TDB’s Buffalo 8.06 fw with kernel, but can’t start it. :frowning:


try in safemode


Maybe you need to re-download. Perhaps the EXE is corrupt.


It’s not corrupt, just tried it again. :frowning:


Then it would work…


@ vrobec,

Perhaps if you explained in exact detail what you mean by your statement “[B]but can’t start it[/B]” means Forum Members will be able to provide meaningful assistance.

Below are CD Freak Forum links for Forum Member’s koba DVR-112D to DVR-112L Flashing Package. In the Flashing Package is an “Instructions” text file that explains the flashing procedure. In reviewing Forum Member’s koba comments in the below CD Freak Forum links provides background information concerning the flashing procedure.



Succes on old Intel BX chipset, could not update it on nForce 4, strange.


I think in SAFE MODE it should have worked anyway.
Did you really try in SAFE MODE?

BTW, did your BX chipset see the drive in UDMA4 mode? I would be surprised - so you are lucky it worked in UDMA2 mode. Normally this gives issues and will not work…


I just bought a pio 112d and I intend to crossflash the firmware to 112L mainly because the bitsetting capability.

In my mobo the DMA mode is set to 2, but the options go to 6. Should I increase the DMA mode before crossflash? TO how much?



Your drive should be in udma 4 mode and not udma 2. The 112D drive needs a 80 wire ide cable, the one you’re using is a 40 wire ide cable. When using a 80 wire ide cable your drive will be in udma 4 mode. Buy a new 80 wire ide cable before you crossflash the drive for bitsetting to dvdrom for single layer DVD+R media. The drive is already factory set for bitsetting to dvdrom for dual layer DVD+R.


Thanks very much for the ultra fast reply!
I already changed it (a spare that came with the mobo but i didnt used because my HDD is SATA