How to Crossflash ASUS DRW-1608P2 to 110?

Is the DRW-1608P2 easily crossflashed to a 110, can TDB’s FW be applied or would it require DVRflash? :slight_smile:

Please have a look at their site first.

So the answer is yes then :slight_smile:

the egg has the DRW-1608P2 for $40 shipped :smiley: only beige but I can get over that.

Anyone willing to share their advice on the best FW to flash Asus DRW-1608P2 to… 110/110D or A10XL? and most importantly the steps involved in this doing this safely…:slight_smile:

You need DVRflash version 2.2. I would reccomend using firmware from Buffalo, it enables bitsetting for +R media! go to “the dangerous brothers” web page and get fw version “8.37 INT” this will allow bitsetting and make your drive RPC1. There is another version availble from buffalo that will allow bitsetting and RAM, but lacks RPC1.

With dvrflash 2.2 (win32 version), open a DOS window in xp and navigate to the folder with the kernal, firmware, and dvrflash 2.2

type: dvrflash -vff “drive:” “kernal” “firmware”

the ff command is necessary to crossflash the drive, it will ask you twice if you want to continue. MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE INCLUDED INFO and README’S.

Prior to flashing the drive you can also type: dvrflash -v
this will check the drive and give you the drive’s letter, since its very inportant that you have the correct address of the drive.


Read the crossflashing guide, steps are similar:

These firmwares are for the Pioneer DVR-110D (non DVD-RAM burn)
The A10 which is the advanced variant that enables DVD-RAM burning & Quiet Drive, this utility is also available on the same page.
To apply the A10 firmware to a standard DVR110D you need to use the DVRUpdate 1.0.exe which is available from my site
Just follow the instructions for the DVR-109 as described in the sticky and substitute the appropriate firmware.

Download the A09v1.58 firmware from
Extract the files and delete the Pioneer upgrade (UPGA09.exe). You will be left with 2 files, R9143009.158 & R9143109.158

Download DVRupdate 0.9 from

Extract DVRupdate 0.9.exe to the same folder as the 2 files above.

Run DVRupdate 0.9 and do the following:

  1. Select your drive from the ‘Device’ drop down box
  2. Select the Kernel file by clicking the folder icon to the right of the ‘Kernel’ field. The correct file will automatically be selected if you have run DVRupdate from the same folder as the R9143009.158 & R9143109.158 files.
  3. Select the Normal file by clicking the folder icon to the right of the ‘Normal’ field. The correct file will automatically be selected if you have run DVRupdate from the same folder as the R9143009.158 & R9143109.158 files.
  4. Click ‘Start’
    The operation takes about a minute. Exit DVRupdate.

I rebooted at this point, but it may not be necessary. Some people have reported drive recognition issues that were cured by a reboot.

After the reboot check that your drive is operating in DMA mode UDMA4 READ HERE

Windows will not report any difference in the model of the drive and only detect the new firmware revision but quietdrive will now be enabled

You will now have a DVR-A09 which can have full rip speed enabled by using Pioneer’s quietdrive utility. This can be downloaded at:

Before flashing the speed of rip was attached

After flashing the ripping speed passes 12x maximum

After the transformation the burner will be always recognized like DVR 109 but with a speed of rate of transfer superior and the quiet mode activated in reading dvd

Now direct conversion using the A09 v1.58 firmware

Official Pioneer 109 Fact-Sheet:

Always a good source for FW issues - Pioneer forum
German forum for burner FWs

FWs from Pioneer Japan
FWs from Pioneer Europe
Major Pioneer reseller
Medion OEM-drives FWs
Pioneer 109 FWs from
Nice FW collection by Flash:
109-FWs from ASUS/Buffalo/Enhanced_XL/MEDION/Pioneer
Mirror for Flashs site:

Non-official 109 Flashing-tool:

Nice link Chef!

I have tried to use DVRupdate 1.0 and it didn’t work for me, I think it said something like it cannot find the proper drive or something (can’t recall). The drive works fine and DVRflash works with it.

DVR flash with the A10 FW is what you need! Go for it!

No bitsetting, so I’m not interested :stuck_out_tongue:

For what Bitsetting these days? lol

I prefer the speed to Bitsetting, but to each his own!

help! I can not flash my ASUS 1608P2 with anything! What up?

OK! Did it in DOS! Do you realize how long it has been since I navigated in DOS/ WOW!

Update! Not as fast a reader as the 109! Could be the RAM function slows it down!
But so far good to go for $39.99 shipped! I will burn some stuff this weekend, but so far it burns as well as the PLEX!

Anyone else getting slower read speeds on the reflashed 1608P2? 4-10X max! Not the 6-12 on the 109!

etp, your a post-whore :doh: j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Crossflash it to an A10XL.