How to crop and resize

i have had no luck cropping and resizing… i have a htc touch and how do you crop? when it is on automatic the yellow bars are around the picture is this what will be kept and all that is not in the yellow area will be cut? and when i try to pan and scan i go to 95% and when i play it back on my htc it is still in 16x9 with black bars above and below…thanks

I have not see docs on this new feature yet, but the way cropping is supposed to work is that you actually cut off the black bars that are in the video so you do not waste time & space encoding them. The video player on the device will usually add in black borders to fill the frame size properly.

So believe or not if you crop properly you may see not difference at all on the play back. What you gain is smaller size and less video to encode.

I cannot comment on the other features because I have not tried them yet.