How to create virtual CDs so I don't have to swap game discs?



Is Daemon Tool the best software for complete newbies to create virtual CDs? I read their forums and I’m horrified by their software complexity and faults. I need a simple solution, your suggestion is appreciated.



best to use alcohol 52% or 120% to make game images.


Use any RAW mode copying software (alcohol 120, CloneCD, blindwrite…) to create an image of a cd. Then use Daemon Tools to mount the images as virtual cds.

I’d opt for Alcohol to create an image and DT to mount it. Or if you want totally freeware software, search for DiscDump which will also make working images of cds.

PS. Deamon Tools v3.47 will work fine and is a simple solution, there are very few (if any) problems with it. :slight_smile:


Just curious, why not use GameDrive?

They claim to be #1 in game compatibility and their price is cheaper than most. What do you think?



Saying that they are #1 and being number one are two different things. Most people in these forums will use either Alcohol or DT, why? Because they work are they are happy with them.