How to Create Read-Only Image CDs?



Hi, i’m really new to this forum, so hi to everyone! I’m grateful that I came across this site, because I do have a problem that I need help with.

I’m currently trying to create a CD that has images on it, no big problem, it’s something that I can do normally. Now the difficult part of this project is that I’m trying to make sure that the images cannot be copied off the CD and re-used and that they can only be viewed from the CD (it’s business after all). This type of CD i haven’t done before so any help would be greatly appreciated.

What programs should I be using and what settings should I have set? I’m completely lost here :slight_smile:

In any case, thanks!!


Someone could always copy the pictures with screen capture software. :iagree:


That’s true, but i’m also watermarking the images, and so forth, so even though they might use a screen capture program to get the images, i’m trying to make it more difficult for somebody to just do a direct copy off the CD. The situation is akin to putting an alarm in a car, a theif who really wants what’s inside will still be able to get it, but for those who aren’t all that willing to go through the hassle are more likely to move on.

So i’d still like the information on how to go about creating an read-only picture/image CD, so that I can deter all but the most determined people.

Thanks again for the assistance