How to create multi-session on DVD?

I’m now working on adding CD/DVD burning function to my
I have known how to burn multi-session CD. And when I burn a multi-session DVD at the first time ( that is, the DVD is empty ) with session-at-once tag , it also works. However when I want to burn the second time , it failed!

In burning multi-session DVD, I do the same as burning multi-session CD: I get the CD infomation and import the old session, create a new ISO_ITEM_TREE, then merge the old one with the new one, at last create ISO_TRACK.

What is in problem with DVD?
Is there anything different between burning multi-session DVD and multi-session CD?

Any reply will be greatly appreciated.


Do you give the CDStamp, that you get when importing the last session, back to NeroAPI when burning?

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Thank matze very much.

We can return CDStamp back to NeroAPI like this:

// this section is a simple example


// …
// here import CD track, and m_pCDStamp will be filled
// …

// the following sentence return CDStamp to NeroAPI
m_writeCD.nwcdpCDStamp = m_pCDStamp;

// then use m_writeCD in NeroBurn( )
// …