How to create full screen mpeg movies from wide screen movies

HI ppl. im having some problems to convert DVD wide screen movies to full screen mpeg movies. i have been using alot of software to try and get this right i.e. nero 8 Recode. open cloner DVD to MPEG. Tried to copy my DVDs from DVD to full screen DVD with DVD cloner still not working. please can someone help me. im trying to do this for my dad. who has a portable DVD player that he takes to work. and yes i have tried to use 4:3 display settings on the player itself and that does not help. so i just have to make them full screen. thanks so much if there is help for me.

Ok, you can try this with AVStoDVD. This is a free converter found here: You need to start with a decrypted movie that is on the hard drive.

Start up AVStoDVD and import your dvd movie into the program. You do this by clicking on the green + sign on the right side of the main screen. Navigate to the Video_TS folder of your movie and choose the VTS_01_0.IFO file that shows up. You’ll be asked to index it, so say yes and wait for that to process. If you have more than one language stream you’ll be asked to select only one.

Now, once it is imported, click on the reel icon under the green + icon. This is the View/Edit Titles Settings button. Once you click it, you will get a small window for changing encoding options. Click on the Video tab and remove the check mark in the box for Auto Video Setup. You can now select HCenc VBR 2-pass and change the aspect ratio to 4:3.
Click on Ok.

Set DVD size to DVD5 if you want to burn to a single layer dvd. Look in Preferences and set it to output in the correct format (NTSC for US, PAL for most of the rest of the world). You can also make a menu if you like, though it is not required.

Make sure the output folder is where you want, then click Start to begin the encoding.

KERRY56: Thank you for your reply. i used the application as per your instructions. all went fine. but when i reviewed the mpeg file it was still in widescreen. i made dbl sure that my setting were correct for 4:3 screen. nice software will use it again for other tasks i want to do. So my problem still remains. i would really want to find a software that can convert my wide screen DVD movies to full screen MPEG movies. i appreciate the time you put into replying to my post. thanks.