How to create DVD Mini-Images

I’ve tested many things, with Alc120%, UltraISO, MiR, etc.
Cd Mini-Images works fine, okay, but i want to known, how i can create DVD Mini-Images.
On the same way, can’t be right, because on Alc120% you can’t choose any Profile and you can’t minimize the Read-Speed. I#ve tested it on CoD2, but it don’t want to work.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! :confused: :bow:

Yup, you can make a cod2 dvd mini image. I used Alcohol 120% to make my mini image, and lauch the game mounted on virtual drive. Total dvd mini image of mine is about 90,000kb. I really didnt make any special settings, just stopped the burning process after a few secs, and saved mini image.

I’ve always made images with a sizeof 4.500KB, but when i made a image with 90.000KB it’s the same.
Of course, i 've tested it with Alc120, DT 3.47 & DT 4, SR7.Stop and SF4Hide.
But nothing works.
Okay, i could download a Cr***, but i want to learn this for other games.