How to create 'DVD cd' with like 50 songs with video

Alright guys. I work at a skating rink. Monthly, we receive PromoOnly cd’s which are a DVD cd with like 50 songs on it, and when you play the cd in a dvd player, it shows the video as well. I myself would like to make these at home, but do you have to have a DVD recorder to do this or can you just use a regular burner and cd-r. Also what program would you have to use? Please let me know. Thank you

AFAIK there isn’t something called a “DVD cd”, it’s either a CD or a DVD. As it contains 50 songs, I reckon it’s a DVD, for which you’ll need a DVD recorder in order to make a copy. Or you can copy the tracks to your hard disk using a DVD ROM player and burn them to multiple CD-Rs.

they have a cd that has the music files and when you play them in a dvd player it plays the music video. Im wondering if I could maybe burn these videos and play them in a dvd player with a regular cd burner, even though I knwo I wont get near 50 songs, I just want to know if I can even do like 7-10 or so

rip the dvd and encode it as a svcd, then it should work in dvd players.

Rip the DVD? I dont want the songs that my work has. I want to be able to make cd’s like they have, like download the file off the net, dont know but think its the music video, and then set it to be able to play in DVD players and be set as tracks instead of one big playable thing