How to create Clone CD and DVD images?

Which application can create Clone CD and DVD images and what is the settings to do that? I have tried once before but fail.

Thanks for help!
Best Regards!

Hi UltimateGTR & Welcome:

When you used the words CloneCD, you may not have realized that you inadvertantly mentioned a program called CloneCD. Additionally, the word image has a special meaning as well. As such, your question will be confusing to CDF members.

If you are asking how to duplicate a CD and/or a DVD disc, this simple question raises other questions. For example, are these protected discs where the copy protection must be removed? Are these data discs? Are these discs intended for an XBox?

Please explain in detail what you want to do?

I am sorry for the confuse. What I mean is how to create a copy from physical CDs or DVDs (they are PC games) to let the computer to mount the file and have a direct play without placing a crack or patch or fixed or something like that after the installation of the games. All I know is most games are protected, most of the file extension of Clone CDs and DVDs are mdf+mds, cue+bin+ccd.

I hope this make my question clear.