How to create chapter marks with lvw-1105hc

i just got a lite-on lvw1105hc dvd recorder for the house. i can’t figure out how to make it automatically insert chapter marks or even how to do them manually. i went to the section for chapter mark insertion and i set it to five minutes and it didn’t come out that way, and i tried it at ten minutes as well. i tried putting them in manually during recording by hitting the edit button, which is supposed to insert the marks, according to the manual (yes, i actually read the manual for this :eek: ).

i even looked for a way to do it after the burn and before finalizing. nothing.

does anyone know how to perform this elusive feat?

thanks in advance.

what software do you have? nero?

this is for my standalone recorder for my home entertainment center

Welcome to CD Freaks mojorisin :slight_smile:

The LVW-1105HC series only gives a choice of two methods of inserting chapter marks, both as you mentioned. The first method is to set the “Automatic Chapter Insertion” feature in the recording menu to the periodic time a chapter should be inserted. The second method is to press ‘Edit’ during the recording to insert a chapter at that position. This Lite-On model does not offer any means of editing chapters in a recording that has already taken place unfortunately.

Just be sure not to confuse chapter marks with titles. Each individual recording you make is a different title and thus appears as a new icon on the disc menu. However, each chapter is a marker in a given title that tells the DVD recorder or player where to jump to next when the user presses the next or previous track buttons on their remote. For example, if you have a chapter every five minutes (the default setting), then when you go to play back the title, then each time you press the “Next Track” button, the recorder jumps to the next five minute mark where the next chapter is located. On the other hand, if you have automatic chapter insertion disabled and pressed the edit button at the times 21:05 and at 49:12 during the recording (as an example), then when you begin playback of the title and press the “Next Track” button, it will jump to 21:05 and pressing the “Next Track” button again will jump to 49:21 and vice versa for the “Previous Track” buttons. :wink:

Just in case it is the disc, I would recommend trying a different disc or brand. So far, after writing at least 30 discs in my LVW-1105HC+ (for my review, consisting of DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R & DVD-RW) I have not had an chapter marking issues with any disc.

i see. so maybe it did work, and i have to go thru and hit the next button to get to the next mark. i guess what i’m looking for is a way to divide it into new titles, which it sounds like it doesn’t do. that would be…not good, but also not the end of the world i guess.

i’ll check it when i get home and see if it indeed did split it into those different chapter marks. not the most convenient thing, but still a quicker way to get to different parts of the disk.

thanks again.

btw, is there a model that does split it into different titles?

From my experience of various Lite-On models, only the models with a hard drive are capable of spliting and merging titles, however from what I recall, this can only be done on rewritable discs or the hard drive. On the other hand, what I usually do is record the programme to the hard drive, make the edits and finally transfer it to a recordable DVD.

For example, if I record a programme on the hard drive and want to split it up into separate titles, I go into the edit menu for the programme, navigate to the point I wish to split up the recording and select the split option. These HDD+DVD recorders also have the option to hide chapters, which makes it straight forward to edit out commercial breaks.

Unfortunately, I can confirm that the LVW-110x series do not offer the ability to split or merge titles or hide chapters.