How to create backups of my xbox games

People i no there is alot of info about how to backup xbox games on thi site but im new to this and was wondering if you guys can help.

My xbox has a mod chip and its running evo x

i have a pioneer dvr111 burner

what disc should i get??

and i pretty much need to no everything from the beginin sounds daft i no and every one has 360’s now but some one must be able to help me!!!1

So i need to no alot from how to connect my xbox to pc whixh software to burn with etc


hi cd freaks can some one help me im after creating backups of my xbox games how do i do this i have a mod chip and evox dashboard my pc is connected via ethernet and i have a pioneer dvr-111 burner what disc should i use and what software etc.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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