How to create an unreadable CD?



Hi guys.

I would like to know if it’s possible to create an unreadable CD, without phisical scrathes obviously.

If you put the CD into the drive it will look like it doesn’t work or is erronous.

I’ve been thinking about create an error during the burning on Nero? Maybe a cyclic redundancy error. But How?

Or even encrypt the data with a password (perhaps CryptCD can help)?

Something that becomes inaccessible the content of the CD…

Any help?


Perhaps just pressing the cancel button in the middle of Nero burning would do the trick. I believe it makes the CD unreadable, and certainly doesn’t leave any physical “scars”.

Just one of many possibilities, I’m sure there are many more advanced options, but that seems like a simple one.
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Oh, I forgot myself to say that I will have to my side the person who wants the CD.
One of my friends wants to record a CD with music files, the majority of them rarities, which I do not intend to share. That are what it bothers me at this moment.
It would be coarse of my part to cancel the burning, clicking on ‘Cancel’, with him to observe.
I hope i’ve explained the situatiob of clearer form.
Greetings, and sorry for my bad english.



nobody knows how to force an error in Nero during the recording?


programs like these obviously aren’t supposed to be made to force errors, so i don’t think there’s anything you can do about it if you don’t want him to see you purposely sabotaging the burning.


The best method to make a coaster is buy a very crappy media and burn it; for example, a princo rated 4x burned @ 16x (if you have a liteon you can make it using omnipatcher)


So you are going to give a music cd to a friend? do u want him or her to listen to the music on the cd or not? If you dont want hime or her to listen to the music on the cd then just say no when they are asking u to barrow it but if u want them to listen to the music but just not able to make a copy of it then use a protection like key2audio (able to be play on cd player but not computer)or somthing like that. this site have more on cd protection.


Like geno said, get some crap media and overspeed it. You will prolly end up with a coaster. Or, power your PC off in the middle of the burn.

If only I saved the many coasters I’ve created over the years… you could have 'em all. :wink:


Ive only ever made two. One had a bubble in the plastic and the other had a peice of dirt between the layers.


I’ve been reading your answers and i specially liked the method of geno888.
I’ve here some CD-R of a doubtful brand, i will do the recording with them…
But, how can i overspeed in Nero (the CDs that I have of the brand that I related write @ 48x)?


You could just create a screwed up image with ISOBuster. Then burn the garbage with Nero and hey presto, one load of crap!

Also, get some advice from someone who knows how to do this (on the forum) to make sure it works properly.