How to create an mp3-vcd with DVD-style menu?



I would like to create mp3-collection VCD’s or DVD’s with a DVD-style menu,
ideally with clickable folders for each album. When I click on an album I,
would like to see the album’s tracks and have a choice between playing
the whole album or just a single track by clicking on it.
When playing the selected song, the lyrics should be displayed (a jpg or
gif that contains the lyrics of the currently played song).

My questions are:

1.) Is that possible at all?

if so:

2.) Are there any software solutions for it?

I searched the web for days and couldn’t find any helpful information on that.

Please help. Thanks a lot inadvance. :slight_smile:


if you’re talking about being able to play such a disc on a dvd player, this isn’t possible at all. dvd players aren’t meant to be able to play mp3s in this manner (even if it’s a dvd player capable of playing mp3s).

if you’re talking about playing them in this manner on your computer, there are programs that can create “launchers” for the contents of a disc. AutoPlay Media Studio is one such program. i haven’t used it myself, but from what i’ve read/heard about it, it seems like it should do what you want it to do.


You could encode the songs you wish to use into MPEG 1 - VCD along with some .jpg images as the video.


Thanks for your help AZImmortal and Chriso!

My idea was to be able to play such a disc on a dvd player.
Could somebody tell me how I can encode the songs into MPEG 1
along with some .jpg images as the video. The size of the videos
shouldn’t be too big.


I think maybe the other people misunderstand you a little. U can’t play mp3 with dvd-style menu, that one is correct. You could put all the song on the “root” but that was not what U wanted. To be able to play your mp3 with dvd-style menu U need to convert them to a format that the DVD Player understand, like DTS or AC3, I am not sure how many song U can get on a dvd disc, put that is the only way.

Good Luck


Thanks for your explanation. I will try to convert some mp3’s to AC3 and burn them on DVD.


This should be the way to get it done…

The only problem here is that a MP3 file of 6MB combined with a picture file of 300kb will result in a mpeg file of 60MB

You’ll would need a mpeg converter that allows you to set the video bitrate to very low… i’ta only a picture so theres no need for a high bitrate

Most converters allow you to manual set the bitrate of the audio but not the video (I could’nt find one… and don’t know if a mpeg file with a non standard bitrate is still readable for a DVD-player)

If you know any software that will please let me know…