How to create an audio multisession?!?



I’ve just written some songs. Now I want to burn several versions of the song on a CD-R.
But how to create an audio multisession that any cd-player can play? I need your help!!!


It can’t be done. A cd-player (non-cdrom) can only read cd’s which are closed. So not closed sessions but the cd must be closed. And with audio I’m pretty sure you can’t even create multisessions.



the problem lies in the tracks

an audio cd consists of several tracks each with one song in it. They appear as numbers in your cdplayer

multisession writes a track every time you add something to the cd so if it could be done you would get as mutch tracks as times u add something and not the amount off songs you wrote. So it doesn’t work.

What you can do is writing several audiotracks and leaving the cd open, so you can add songs later. Unfortunatly you can’t play the cd in a cd player untill it’s closed

Hope it helps