How to create a proper Resume button?



Hi everybody,
I just strated to learn using Adobe Encore DVD 2.0, and I have a problem: how can I create a button to resume the playback if this was started once, but if I click the same button for first time after I open the DVD, it start the playback from the begining. I tryed to link Resume, but it works only if the DVD was started once. Else (if I click onto the button for first time after strat the DVD) the menu stop working.
Thank you


Resume command is to restart a movie where you left it. If you are in a Menu, at the beginning where the movie did not play yet, than there is nothing to resume to.


Yes some players have this and some just don’t.


But in this case it depends on player? I’d like a button witch:

  • resumes the playback if it was started once, or
  • starts the playback when I open the DVD for the first time.
    On some “industrial” DVDs it works very well. But I can’t create it.
    Thank you

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2087078]Yes some players have this and some just don’t.[/QUOTE]