How to create a DVD with CSS?

Hi all,
i need a program to create a DVD+R/-R with copyprotection CSS on it.
I’ve tried it once with Adobe Encore (on of the older version i think), but the disc doesn’t had CSS.
Also programs like dvd-Shrink or dvd-decrypter can’T create those discs.

A colleugue said that maybe a special DVD burner should be used (i know that 5 years agoo some DVD burners couldn’t read or write data in the inner circle).

So has anybody an idea how i can create a DVD like that?
please don’t ask what for i need it, it is to test our DVD-Recorder (i’m a software tester :)).

best regards

Welcome to the forums:
Sorry don’t know the answer but we are all software testers. There are bugs in everything. :wink:

Pay Macrovision its customary licence fee. :slight_smile: