How to Create a data disc for testing

I am sort of stumped. I am trying to use the option to Create a data disc in CD-DVD speed and it will not accept anything but .nrg file or .iso files. How to create them to load into the program is my problem. If someone could shed some light on this process I would appreciate it.

NRG is an image file created by Nero. I use Nero Express to select DVD Image Recorder as the recording device, rather than the actual burner. You can then choose the data on the harddrive to make image from. I gather you want to burn a full disk, so you can also choose to make an image from a full DVD disk.

ISO, the way I created it, is by using DVDShrink and backing up the DVD files to an ISO.

alan1476 > You can use CloneDVD2 to make .iso if you want. 3rd (bottom) button will do the trick. Save to hdd then make necessery adjustments in CD/DVD Speed to load image >