How to create a CD label like this?



Hrm… I registered just to ask Gurus on this site about this question…:slight_smile:

Anyone knows how to create a CD surface/label like this?

A mixture of gloss and matte surface pattern. Like the JVE label at the top of the CD?


Looks like a silk screen to me. I doubt you’ll get the surface that uniformly dark with any kind of printer.


The color part is interesting too. I think it start with a black background gloss CD. Then, silkscreen (Is that actually called silkscreen? The mixture of gloss and matte pattern?) the words on it. Then, the red characters are printed on it.

Is there a way to create these silkscreen pattern without using expensive commercial tools?


Almost looks like LS with the red added later.


Sorry for the newbie question. What is “LS”?


[QUOTE=karasuma;2023553]Sorry for the newbie question. What is “LS”?[/QUOTE]oh sorry

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[quote=Bob;2023556]oh sorry

Welcome to CDF’s;

Thanks…:slight_smile: I thought Lightscribe will give you color difference. This one is just gloss and non-gloss pattern.