How to create a backup disc of original game

Hi all I am new on here so forgive if this is a silly question.
My problem is that I have purchased an original game which I play on my laptop both at home and at work. What I want is to be able to copy the cd so that it runs the game, so I can leave a disc at work and one at home.
I had a previous version of the game that with transporting the disc all the time became damaged and would not work and no exchange was possible.
Any help would be appreciated.
Andy :confused:

This may be too simple to actually work, but…
You could use whatever CD burning program you had to make a full copy, or a direct copy, or a copy of an entire disc, whatever they call it. In theory, it would work just like the original.
Still seems too easy though.

Welcome to freaks. We need more information than you have given, what game do you want to back up?

The original query is from January this year. There may be a long wait for such information…

It appears that I should drink more coffee before answering such old posts!
Maybe I will notice the date. :o :bigsmile: