How to create 1 title only DVD with 2 movies?

I would like to know if it’s possible to create a 1 title only DVD with 2 movies, without joining them previously?

Hi there,

If you have 2 input files.

Movie 1.avi
Movie 2.avi


Movie 1 PART I.avi
Movie 1 PART II.avi

The only changes I would made was if it’s a 2 part movie, I would select

[X] Sequential Play

If they are 2 seperate movies, I might choose [ ] Sequential Play which will make it return to the menu after Movie 1 is done.

Both configurations above will create you a menu with 2 entries.
1 entry for each Input Files.

Does this answer your question ?

No, I think you didn’t understood my point. I do not want to create a menu with 2 entries. I just want to convert 2 movies (with subtitles) to 1 DVD with ONLY title, but the programa creates 2 titles by default. I don’t need menus.

If your source movies are avi, you can first join them with virtualdub.

If your source movies are both DVD, you need to join titles first, and to do this you need a DVD authoring software like dvd lab or tmpgenc dvd author.

I hope to understand correctly your point.

Sources are AVI but ConvertXtoDVD could joint the movies and subtitles without needing external software.

Try to join first with virtualdub or with virtualdubMod. This should work

ConvertX will create a title set in the output for every input. But, since you don’t want a menu, deselect Include Menu in Settings and each title will then play automatically in sequence with only a slight pause between them.

You can also get the same effect by selecting Include Menu, Autostart Playback and Sequential Playback. A menu will be created on the DVD but you won’t see it until all titles have played or you hit the Menu button on your remote.

The pause can only be eliminated by joining source files with external programs before conversion.

The pause can only be eliminated by joining source files with external programs before conversion.

That’s what I want, but without having to use external programs before converting. ConvertXtoDVD should have an option to join movies/subtitles before converting.

Doubt there is enough demand for that for the developers to include (they are trying to keep the program simple and easy :slight_smile: ) but you can submit a feature request at

Most don’t object to the slight delay between titles in sequential playback. It is little more than a slightly exaggerated scene change, so little would be gained by actually joining the source files to eliminate it. And the menu can be accessed, if included, to do things like watch only the 2nd movie if there wasn’t time during the first viewing.


Just thought I would say that this is a request that has been made to several times to VSO, so we are aware that many users would like this feature.

It will probably be implimented at the same time more advanced menus will be (background music, images of film in main menu, etc) (posted before menus even existed in Convertxtodvd I believe) (and more recently posted again)