How to crack a CDROM protected by HEXALOCK



I have a CDROM protected by HEXALOCk tools
I can copy files from the CDROM and paste in my home but I cannot open them.
So do you have an idea how to remove this protection ?


Moved to appropriate forum.


which forum?


You can see on the top of your screen: “CD & DVD Copy Protection” forum

And ‘crack’ isn’t a proper word I’d use on this forum, as it is associated with modifying the original contents that is in violation of laws or at least the End User License Agreement.

@on topic: I wish I could help…


Hello all,
I have a CDROM with PDF file which i need to print out since i don’t have a system to use to read then,how can i remove the protection to enable me print?
thanks for all your replys in advances