How to covert avi to dvd

I’m using dvdsanta, It work 80% of the time. I’m Looking for a new app.

Anybody know witch avi to dvd application is the best.

ConvertXtoDVD is a commercial product that is recommended around here quite a lot. Not free of course. Its predecessor was DivxtoDVD, and you can still get the last free version of it here:

SUPER is a free video conversion tool. Found here:

I wouldn’t characterize any of these as the “best”, but they usually work well enough. There are other easy to use choices, like the programs from Ulead, Nero and Pegasys.

I personally use a separate mpeg2 encoder, then an authoring program. And I never get the video/audio sync problems that seem so common in the one-step programs. If you wish to go this route, look at TMPGenc Plus 2.5, which is a reasonably priced mpeg2 encoder and an authoring program like TMPGenc Author 1.6 (if you can still find it for sale) or a free one like DVDStyler or GuiforDVDAuthor.

Many of the apps have pro’s and con’s. It all boils down to “what exactly are you trying to do”. If it is simple conversion, then convertx2dvd, tmpgenc, virtualdubmod, and a host of others will all do a good job. If you are wanting professional level results, then you need to look at professional level softwares. If you want an all in one program with bells and whistles, there are those as well.

Thanks for the Info.


Usually I find I have to throw something at both ConvertXToDVD and Nero Vision before I get a result I’m happy with. Nero Vision does a bad job of converting NTSC Film to 29.97 fps, the result is somewhat jerky, ConvertXToDVD does a good job of the framerate conversion but sometimes audio loses sync. Maybe they’ve improved since then.

There’s a free app out there called DVD Flick which I tried once, it couldn’t hurt for you to give it a shot since it’s free. Only strange thing was, the resulting disc worked in every player I tried except my PS2.