How to correct "insert Playstation 2 media"



I have a PS2 version 7/8 with a mod chip. It has been hit and miss for about a year or so. Sometimes it will load originals and backups and sometimes they won’t load at all. I’ve cleaned the laser, blown into the tray, let it cool off, done a hard reset, and still it does what it wants to do. I don’t understand it. I keep getting that cube adrift and the red smoke stuff with the obnoxious drone.:doh:

My guess is that it is either the laser or the PS2 motherboard itself. Is this a common problem? How should I narrow down the possibilities?


Anybody have experience with worn out or malfunctioning lasers? What seems to be the typical characteristic? I get a churning noise, like it wants to engage over and over just before I get the cube floating in a red gas.


Will a laser outright fail or will it increasingly fail to recognize PS2 disks like my originals? I would like to know if replacing the laser will repair my PS2. Does it sound like it might be a component on the motherboard not making electrical contact at the time when it looks for the disk information to recognize it?


Sounds like the laser, it’s a common ps2 fault especial the earlier models. The Fat ps2 i’m talking about, the slimlines i’m not sure if they sure from weak laser’s or not.