How to correct aspect ratio on DMREX75



Having problems with aspect ratio on some freeview channels, took delivery of my new machine, as per my first post last week,connected my tv,Sony Triniton, plus sky digi-box, when i was looking at the freeview channels some of them were showing broad black lines either side of picture, i cant seem to remedy this, my sky box is a few years old now,it has two scart sockets, but they are marked VCR and TV i have put scart into the TV socket, i have hooked everything up following diagram,can anyone advise as to best set-up using on-screen options, and any other advice,thanks in advance,Thomas.


That would be a setting in the source box, the Sky box, or in the monitor itself. A 4:3 image, when displayed on a 16:9 monitor, should have those bars. If you’re getting them in the DVD recorder, then it’s a sat box setting. You may need to change the sat box setting when recording, vs when viewing directly on the monitor. But the DVD recorder is only capable of 4:3, and the signal it receives from the sat box is 4:3. So if the sat is sending a 4:3 image, but the sat box thinks it’s being viewed on a 16:9 monitor, it will add those bars and the whole thing gets squeezed into 4:3 when sent through the analog video out. Re-set your sat box for a 4:3 monitor, and the output should be right for the DVD recorder. Some sat boxes have a setting to “Stretch” a 4:3 image to 16:9. Using that setting while recording would also fix the aspect ratio in an indirect way.

Hope that helps.


Thankyou CDan,i wiil try your suggestion and post back,Thomas.


managed to sort it out,(ithink) selected smart option on the tv remote,and it filled the screen,i went through the channels that were affected and it seems to have done the trick, i will try it again when i turn it off and on again,