How to copy

I am sure it is on here but i don`t see anywhere to search !
Anyway I have a real scratched up copy of Fifa world cup 06 and i was wondering before it goes to bad to use could i make a copy?
I have :
Nero 7 ultra edition
Alcohol 120% 1.9.2
I have used way to many discs trying to copy this one disk :sad:
what i am asking’ does anyone have a link or could someone tell me step by step instructions how to do this?
It is 2.49GB in size so do i have to copy this on a DVD disk?
Thank you.

OH I forgot I have an external Sony DRX-820U

Here’s the link to the guides & tutorials, hopes this helps you out.

A CD-ROM only has a capacity of 700 MB so if your game is 2.49 GB then yes, you need a DVD to copy the game disk. If the game is a DVD then CloneCD cannot copy the game for you. I recommend CloneDVD or DVD Decrypter. You can make an image file of the DVD which is the best way to make a backup of the game

Thanks. I will give those a try.

I tried CloneDVD but it would not copy, The game is PCDVD and thought it would but it would not!
Have not had a chance to look at link to the guides & tutorials yet.

clonecd can handle DVDs too. :wink:

If all else fails maybe you might want to invest in a Game Doctor. It may be able to buff away the scratches and keep the disc readable. I have used it once to save a scratched disc so it works as advertised. You can get it at pratically any gaming store or major retailer.

Try the alcohol…make an image (mdf/mds) and set it on safedisk 2/3 and make the image…then burn it with alcohol to… im not 100% sure it will work but give it a try.

If cloneCD does handle dvd’s, (thanku for the correction chef) to help find out what protection is on the CD and to use settings on CloneCD to combat this, download “ClonyXL”

Try reading the DVD at a slower speed

. A client of mine had a Win install disc that was very badly scratched (edit: install would fail with a disk-read error). She took it to a local video store and they polished it for 3 $US. Worked great and looked better than brand-new.

Still not able to copy yet… Something that happens after I copy it, I put the new disc I made in and it auto starts just like the original then I click on “play” (as I have the game already installed ) then the fifa logo screen appears and I get the windows error where it asks if I would like to send the error to Microsoft…
any ideas, Thanks.