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I’m new to this forum. Also, I’m new to dvd copying. It updated my computer w/a new Sony dru720A dvd read/write drive. I’m using Nero OEM software to burn. I’m also using dvd+r blank discs.

Here is my problem. I can get the software to copy the source dvd, but it gives me an error message about the +r discs not being compatible. It also states trhat I need to make some changes w/the software. Can anyone help me clear up this problem?

Sorry to ask such a newbie question.

is it DVD movies, downlaod DVD decripter and dcrypt the key.
then use DVD shrink to schrink and make an iso file, from your iso file u can use nero to burn a DVD.

all softwaer are on (not sure, but check mrbass)
install patin coufin too.

it is

Or for an easy life get AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 which will do everything for you. Also probably the best supported software out there - only down side is you have to buy it, buy you can ‘try before you buy’ by download a 21 day evaluation copy from - hope this helps

This is a set of 3 dvds that were burned for me & I want to send copies to someone else. There is no protection on them.

Change your medium to DVD-R and use DVDShrink (enable burn with Nero) that is a free software.
Or simply use Nero to make a backup (drag & drop).

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After digging through your other threads, you seem to provide different amounts of information in each thread. So let’s start by finding out exactly what is going on.

1/ What are you doing, exactly. I mean, I know you’re trying to copy some discs, but what are the exact steps that you are taking?

2/ What is the exact error message are you getting? Can you get a log of this error? If not, could you get the exact error code and the exact text of the error?

3/ Depending on what the problem is (we’re not sure right now), some background technical information would be helpful. Some tips on what kind of technical information would be useful to provide are outlined in point #4 here.