How to copy Windows98?



I've been using easy cd creator to copy windows98. I created an image on the HD first and copied it. but when I install windows using the cd that i just burnt, a error message appears ( you interupted the computer while copying the CAB. file) during installation when copying files. I didn't do anything to interupt it. So I'm wondering if i need some crack or a certain way of recording it????
please help me out. Thanks


I have always used Nero to copy win98 and never had any trouble at all. Made an image first then burned back to the hdd. I have made about 7 or 8 copies for friends and they too have not had any trouble.

Hope this helps


I’ve used CDRWin, and that also works fine for me. Made several good copies with it.
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Yeah CDRWin is Great for copying Windows, it is also good for other microsoft products.

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Windows98 can be copied whit any software, there is no protection or something, just copy and it should work…

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hey thanks for all the replies fellas.
I ended up using Nero and the cd works great.


I used cd-coppier from adaptec and never had problems.


I use cdrwin to copy psx games and so far I have had no problem’s, when copying windows 98 iam1rednek, what do you mean by made a image first then burned back to hdd, don’t you just burn it to your hd first then copy it to cd-r?