How To Copy When Read Errors?

My DVD Decrypter can’t copy a DVD I’ve got because too many read errors - even though I set it to ignore, it still flogs away for six hours without noticably getting anywhere.

So I got DVDFabHD - and it was even worse! It wouldn’t even complete that initial read in but instead put up a message about read errors and using some ‘path’ thing.

I said okay to that and it almost immediately threw up a screen about not finding the dvd information and asking me to email information so’s they could make dvdfab better. Info about that failure I guess.

I filled in the info and clicked ‘send’ and then got an error message: ‘no destination’!

So that was the end of that.

I tried to use dvdfabhd on ‘main movie’ copy, which is all I need (it’s just a kid’s movie) but though it responds to that menu choice click it then just hangs there doing nothing with a message asking me to put a disk in the drive.

A moment ago it had a disk and got read errors - as I said - now it reckons it hasn’t got disk.

I put DVD Decrypt up again and it finds the disk after a short delay.

So neither of those progs seems to be able to do what I want - copy this movie, or at least copy some of it, it’s in about three or four little ‘episodes’ or whatever you’d call 'em and the children would be happy if I could keep at least some. I mean right now off this old disk they see everything but I’m expecting it to further deteriorate (due to the kids mishandling) pretty swiftly and I’m trying to make backups so’s I don’t have to keep buying new ones. Which ain’t easy to find, anyway.

Any clues as to what I could perhaps use?

Are DVD Decrypt and DVD Fab the same company? Same programmers?


ab :slight_smile:

dvdfab and dvd decrypter are not related.

if your disc is scratched, sorry.

some members advise to use programs like iso puzzle but i dont really know anything about it. do some searching or maybe someone will post some advice.:slight_smile:


Here is a link to ISO Puzzle, Have used it many times, but if your disc is badly scratched ISO Puzzle may not do the job either. It trys to get as much data off the disc as possible. Some on this forum say clean the disc, I have a machine to polish the disc with a compound, seems to help, but I need to catch on first try with ISO Puzzle right after the machine polish. The machine with the polish trys to fill in the scratches.


Get a pioneer burner. Mine have always read discs that other drives can’t. I even put in a disc that was cracked once, without knowing it was cracked - I’d never do that on purpose - and it actually ripped the movie just fine. I’ve also had dvd’s that were so scratched up the underside of the disc’s looked like someone took a sand blaster to them and they wouldn’t play in the stand alone player, but pioneer had no problems reading and ripping. Pioneer has the best error correction technology on the market today and it is superior error correction, it never ceases to impress me what it will read with no problems at all. I don’t know why anyone would ever buy anything else but a pioneer. I even hunted down a hard to find pioneer stand alone player because my newer rca model couldn’t read half of the brand new never played commercially produced dvd’s without skipping and the same problem on a jvc. The pioneer player doesn’t skip at all on those same movies. They just have superior technology and you can get the most recent pioneer dvr-212 parallel or sata on ebay for less than $40, I paid $35 including shipping for the sata model and to be perfectly honest I’d pay a lot more than that for their product, I’d pay more for their product even if it was triple the price of the competition. They are just simply better at error correction than any other brand on the market, and they are equivalent in burning quality and speed. I’ve tried other brands and hated them because they couldn’t read anything half the time. And at the price pioneer is worth a try on those dvd’s that the kids have trashed, it worked on my overplayed and scratched up discs. It was a few months ago when I got mine from ebay, but they are almost always available at a really affordable price there from sellers with lots of high ratings (I never buy from anyone with less than 97% positive ratings and hundreds of total ratings, there are plenty of trustworthy sellers like that).