How to copy Unreal Tournament?



Hi There
Does anyone know how to copy Unreal Tournament without using a crack?

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It works with CloneCD.
Another option is to follow the method of gamecopyworld:
Create the following temporary directory:
TempDir : C:\TEMP\CD
Copy the full contents of the original CD to TempDir.
Replace the <TempDir >\UNREALTOURNAMENT.EXE file with the one from the archive.
Burn the contents of TempDir to a CD-R and use the same CD-Label as the original CD.
Play the game!

This way you only have to crack it once, and use this cd as you original in future copies.



The problem with using a crack is that, you often can’t update the game when there comes new patches, thats why i dont want to use a crack.

Navigare necesse est, Vivere non est necesse


Well as I said it could be done with CloneCD and it still works after updates.



hee you can as much if you want update UT
just simply replace everytime the crack *.exe with the patch *.exe

works for me.


With me too. Nice


Look for a crack at
there you can find everything you’re
looking for!


there are cracks for every update

so there is a crack for v400
and one for v402
and there will be cracks for every following update, just keep visiting http://www;